Sustenance was founded by Richa, straight after she graduated from culinary school. She spend her twenties working on movie sets and then moved to advertising before finally following her passion for baking. She is a self confessed granola junkie and was dissatisfied by the options available in the Indian market which was flooded by big box brands making cereals and granola loaded with sugar and preservatives. She graduated from culinary school and started making granola in her own kitchen using wholesome and all natural ingredients so she could have a quick, healthy and delicious breakfast. Soon, friends and families started requesting their own batches and she decided to turn her favourite food into a business.
Richa asked one of her closest friends, Neha who was passionate about health and fitness to come on board as her business partner. Neha had spend years struggling with her weight because of poor food choices and was excited about creating a health food brand that would help millions of other Indians to eat more mindfully.

Thy launched Sustenance in Mumbai as a pop up at a small food fair in February 2015 with the help of their family and friends. It was met by great response from the locals who turned into loyal customers. The girls spent their days making granolas, managing business operations and learning how to run a start up.

The duo won the seal of approval from the thousands of people that they met on their journey, which gave them the confidence to launch their own granola subscription service and e- store after stocking it at select gyms, cafes and hotels.